Here’s Hope

Here it is…the one and only, from The Little Ski Hill, a place we know and love, our nation’s Capitol Christmas Tree!  It seems fitting, especially today,  that this tree is a symbol for hope.  A gift from the state of Idaho to the nation.


Alice and I joined McCall locals last Wednesday to witness the grand event.  I felt a tinge of sadness as the tree was cut but also, I felt proud.  Proud to live in the mountains of Idaho, surrounded by trees all worthy to grace the steps of the Capitol.  And proud that we’re sending this beautiful tree across our great country along with our votes for our future and the future of our children.

While we waited in town to walk with the tree, it was being staged right in front of the Hobin!  For those who don’t know the hobin (home + cabin) is our dwelling.  Luckily, our friend Ken was home with Stanley and took pictures so we wouldn’t miss it!

The send off for the tree this weekend was pretty amazing.  It seemed the entire community showed up and walked together united in our collective pride.

We spend a lot of time in the Payette National Forest and it’s a lovely place.  We’re lucky to have public lands to use and enjoy.  I hope the wonder of this place extends to the many other wonders of our land and we unite to preserve it.




2 thoughts on “Here’s Hope

  1. Anastasia Jenkins

    We saw it drive by while we were having dinner in Boise @ Cafe Rio. We had just gotten into town from Garden Valley and dropped off ace. Then on the 6:30 news we were informed of the reason we decided to drive up over the mountain taking Harris Crk: the lonnnnnnng delay of the car crash involving the escorting Cop of the nations Christmas tree!!! We beat them home bc we decided to turn around out of the traffic delay!!!

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  2. Janet Poteete

    Wow, that was a wonderful email.   So many new things happening,   Trump elected, we are sooooo excited and relieved,   the Christmas tree coming to the White House from  your front yard and the Marathon in Bakersfield Sunday will pass in front of  house house.    I guess the first runner will be here at 645.    What do you guess.   They start at 5 AM.  My street is closed off for the event, so no chursh


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