This isn’t actually a costume, just her grocery shopping mask.

We’ve been gearing up for what feels like months, and today…it’s here!  Alice is totally into Halloween.  This morning she made another batch of decorations, “the spookier the better” she says.

Early on, we tried out a few costumes but once this girl settled on a cheetah, she hasn’t changed her mind once.  A big thanks to friends with girls who passed down the sweet and oh-so-stylish leopard print pants (with zipper pockets!) and dress.  This ensemble created the base for Alice’s inspiration.


While in Boise, Alice got to trick-or-treat early at great Grandma Doris’s.  Even her recent visit to the dentist can’t squash this girl’s Halloween spirit!

Here’s a sample of Alice’s hand made decorations.  I think the little boxes are inspired from the Snoopy comic book we have from the library.  From left to right: Bat, Ghost, Skeleton, and Creaky Door.


Now, if we can just keep the riffraff away from our jack-o-lanterns for a few more hours, we will be golden!


     Happy Halloween!


2 thoughts on “BOO!

  1. Janet Poteete

    And Happy Halloween to you too.   A little late but welcome anyway, I hope.    Loved all the pictures with stories.   Such a fun time of the year.    Thank you Audrey.   My doorbell rang twice.    I do not answer it anymore.    This year someone threw an egg at Colleen’s bedroom window sill.   All cleaned up now, by Colleen of course.   


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