Dog Scouts



Alice started a club called Dog Scouts. There hasn’t been an official meeting but the planning has been going on for months. I guess having a dog makes one feel responsible for being active in the dog community. And it’s not just dogs, this club is open to cats, chickens, and other pets too!




The club is limited to kids though. If you’re an adult you can volunteer by, “watching pets while we go out to walk pets.” Alice has loads of ideas and sketches about potential club activities. There will be a vet and dog washing station, pet parades, playtime, visits to McPaws (our local shelter), and best of all treat time!

We made Dog Scout Cookies and tried them out on a few lucky dog friends. Alice had no problem tasting the treats to make sure they were just right. And she kept on eating them, “I just love those dogs treats with the parmesan cheese!”




She worked on a sign using the McPaws logo for inspiration 😉 Then begged to go to McPaws to deliver treats to the dogs (and cats) there. She was so disappointed the evening we were supposed to go until…we met a band! The band Mama Magnolia, from Denver, happened to be at Crusty’s Pizza that night. Alice bought a sticker, which had an image of the singer’s dog, Miles. Instantly, she thought of the dog scout cookies! She could give some to the band for Miles! Ever since, Alice has been saying, “I can’t believe I know a Band!”

So, if you and your dog want to be in Dog Scouts, Alice has a sign-up sheet! Perhaps we’ll get this show on the road and turn this idea into a reality. For now, it’s sure been fun brainstorming. Oh, and a scout master has already been named, our elderly golden friend, Scout.


Go Dog Scouts!