Welcome Home Soldier

Fred W. Ashley 

January 12, 1923 – May 4, 1945

Fred W. Ashley

What an honor it will be to see Fred W. Ashley finally laid to rest in his hometown of Emmett, Idaho. Mortally wounded on May 4, 1945 during WWII, Ashley was declared killed in action and his remains were not immediately recovered. Four years later, they were misidentified as fallen WWII pilot, Richard Lane and sent to Nebraska. Richard Lane was actually buried in a Belgium military cemetery as “unknown”. Historians later studied records and gathered clues to solve the puzzle. Now, 73 years later, descendants of both men gather to honor them and welcome them home.


Staff Sergeant Tyler James Hopkins (Ashley’s great-great-great nephew and our nephew 🙂 participated in the dignified transfer of Ashley’s remains. He accompanied his ancestor across the country to be laid to rest in his home state of Idaho. What an honor for a young staff sergeant who isn’t much older than his great-great-great uncle was when he died serving our country.  What an incredible story!

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Dignified Transfer of Fred W. Ashley (photo by Tyler Hopkins)



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