Hobin Remodel – Part 1

Note: This post was a long time coming and seemed so overwhelming that I didn’t start it…until now. And for those of you who don’t already know our “story”, check it out! We moved from what we considered a busy life to deliberately slow things down near the mountains that we love. Although, when we began this project we had no idea that years later, we’d actually live, full-time, in this very home.    

The Exterior:

This time of year, seven years ago, we acquired our own piece of McCall with the purchase of the Hobin (Home + Cabin). At the time, we were working and living in Boise but spent much of our time, especially winters, in and around this area.

The house we ended up buying wasn’t at all the dream cabin we imagined. Our friend and realtor, Shelly DeMoss, showed us the listing multiple times before we actually looked inside. After remodeling our home in Boise, we definitely were not looking for another project. But finally we decided that the price, location, and size might be right for us. And once the process was complete…we were beyond excited to have our own place in McCall!

The Hopkins Family (circa 2010)

The place was ugly. There’s no other way to describe the worn out and faded siding and crumbling brick entry. But the inside was nice and totally livable, especially for a cabin. That winter we spent powder days at Brundage and evenings shoveling snow from the garage to the front door. It didn’t take long to realize this part of the house  needed help.



After an epic first winter, we tackled the exterior the following summer starting with the siding.


We put corrugated metal along the base of the house primarily for protection from snow but also because we liked the look. The wood siding along the top ended up being in decent shape so we reused as much of the original material as possible.

The summer of 2011 wound down and we got the news of our lives. We found out we  would welcome a baby in the spring! We already planned to remodel the roofline by adding gables and extending the roof between the entry and garage, so that phase began that fall.

We contracted our friend Clint (Capital Construction) to help with the project. He and his dog Max stayed with us some of the time during the project. It was a bit concerning, at least for me, when fall set in. Jeff and his crew from Owyhee Roofing, installed the roof in the cold and snow!

And so, by early November the bulk of the remodel was complete. Just a few finishing touches we happily put off until the following summer.


Jared and Clint also took down a lodgepole to make room between the front and side driveway.

Fast forward a few months…and voila! A brand new daughter!

Luckily, we spent most of that summer at the Hobin. So, we finished up the exterior and recruited friends to help plant trees and shrubs in the yard. I must say, it felt pretty good when a few McCall locals stopped to tell us how nice the place looked!

Mathias and Hopkins…getting it done!


And the Hobin as it looks now!

photo bomber!

* stay tuned for Part 2: The Interior


Foster Fam

Ron, Hermione, and little Harry

Alice’s dream came true recently when McPaws contacted us to foster kittens. She’s literally trained for this and takes the role very seriously. We’d been on the list for a while, but pretty much forgot about fostering once school started.

Then the ‘Harry Potter’ kittens entered our home and our hearts. Harry, Hermione, and Ron..two fluffy and one tiny guy with white paws (Alice’s fave). We found out after the first week of watching them we had the names mixed up on the males. It’s hard not to call the little guy Ron still.

Pretty neat to watch these kitties grow and change in just a few short weeks. Even sweeter to watch Alice tend to them. She makes sure they are all safe and accounted for and even fancied up their dwelling with artwork. Pearl (our McPaws rescue dog!) LOVES the kittens. She licks them, acts as a jungle gym, and keeps track of them too. Right now they have each other and they pretty much wrestle and chase, snuggle and snooze, and of course eat voraciously filling the small cat box everyday. That part is getting old.


Foster programs are just one component of animal rescue but essentially the role of a foster family is to protect and encourage normal growth and development of very young  animals. The goal is to place well-adjusted, healthy companion pets with loving homes.

It’s been an experience. And even though they’re naughty and Jared’s allergies are going crazy, we’d probably do it again.

If you’ve been considering a kitty, look no further. These kittens are fearless and unbearably cute. They love dogs and people and will make great cats. Ron (who we called Harry) is ready for adoption now and these two littles will be soon.


You should totally adopt one! (or any other sweet cat or dog from your local shelter 😉