Great GranJan

G1 and G4

GranJan’s house is exactly as it was when my sisters and I were young. I wanted Alice to sleep in the same flowery room, bathe in the tub under the stain glass window, and romp in that beautiful backyard! In California, you can pick your morning grapefruit right from the tree. Alice couldn’t pick enough kumquats (tiny tart fruits you eat whole) to bring home to her dad.

The sweet smelling flora is delightfully different from what we find in the mountains of Idaho. The weather was perfect and GranJan created an itinerary full of interesting and tasty things to see and do during our visit. She sent us to the California Living Museum (CALM) where we watched a hummingbird take a drink from a stream (not even part of the exhibit!) and snuggled a mountain lion through the glass.

No trip to Bakersfield is complete without a trip to Dewars Ice Cream and Fine Candies. We saw cousins we hadn’t seen in years and watched great grand babies play with the very vintage toys each generation has enjoyed.

GranJan has the sweetest laugh, she never forgets a birthday and she’ll drop everything to play a game. Of course it takes growing up to realize how much more there is to our grandparents’ lives than great grandparenthood. Janet Poteete is an exceptional woman with an amazing and inspirational story. Our family is sooo lucky.

HipstamaticPhoto-548723928.123625Alice will learn her great grandparents’ stories in time. For now, she has the wonderful privilege of knowing many of them in person and that is a precious gift.

Trips like these are too few and far between but this little traveler is always up for adventure. Thank you for a wonderful visit GranJan, we love you dearly.

In Memory of Great Grandpa Max