It’s a phenomenon that happens every year and every year my eyes are newly delighted.  The backcountry of Idaho is a brilliant kaleidoscope of color in fall.  It’s like the flora of the woods are celebrating another growing season and bidding farewell to fair weather.  It is stunning.

For his birthday, Jared wanted to fish and camp.  He and Alice studied the map and we set off for Big Creek, a tributary to the Middle Fork Salmon River.  Our route took us over Lick Creek summit, down the Secesh, up the EFSF (East Fork South Fork) Salmon, past Yellowpine, up over and down to Big Creek.  The drive was beautiful and the terrain rugged.

We hiked down Big Creek packed for the day, or however long Alice would last.  She was a trooper, happily chatting as she trotted along the trail.  With daddy’s help she collected five grasshoppers who bounced along in her box.  Another afternoon exploring the backcountry, up and over more summits and down to the South Fork Salmon River.

It rained all night and into the next morning.  By the time we made our way from the camper the clouds hung to mountains without strings, just like Josh Ritter sings.


The drive up, up and out was amazing.  I felt like I was missing it as I strained to see as much as I could before we rolled by.

We drove on through Warren and passed by Chinook campground where we camped the weekend before.  The Loon Lake trail is a must-see in September.  Especially when you are so lucky to see a pair of moose feeding in the lake.  ChromaPop lenses are nice but only nature can put on this kind of display.

Happy Fall




Riggins Rewards

Alice and I having been doing some chores around the ‘ol Riggins place.  She knows exactly what to do.  We check on the chickens, collect eggs, feed and water the animals (maybe throw in a special treat), visit the cows, and make the rounds pretending like we’re ranchers.


I’m glad she loves it, she’s a lucky girl.