We Heart Bikes

We are a biking family.  We love bikes…mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, strider bikes, Isla bikes (coming soon!), commuter bikes, cargo bikes…oh yes!  Last year we reached a stage with Alice where the front bike seat and the bike trailer weren’t working for us.  We found Xtracycle Cargo Bikes http://www.xtracycle.com.  Alice promptly named it…the family bike, and we all love it.

Beach Cruisers

Last week I went to the library book sale and didn’t think twice about riding the family bike.  After that, I picked up Alice from her aunt and uncle’s and we all rode bike to a food summit event (food trucks!) at Boise High.  Then we stopped by the grocery store and added a full bag to the library loot on board!  It’s amazing how much you can bring along.  Even an extra friend or two!

Jane and Alice, just hanging out on the family bike.
Add Emma and you’ve got yourself a party bike!
Oh, you found a pillow you can’t do without?  Instant back rest.

Alice had Jane come play recently and we rode bike to the park.  As I pedaled up front, they faced each other and read a book.  I wished I wasn’t the only one to hear them chattering on, it was hilarious.  Jane has a family bike too, so she’s just as comfortable as Alice riding along.

Riding to school in the morning.

Alice loves to face backward and I’d love to see people’s faces as they drive up on her.  She usually waves and says hello to everyone along the way.  It’s fun to show it off and even more fun seeing other Xtracycles on the road.

Alice shows off the family bike to Shaun and Dan (they want one ;).
Last summer at the coast, headed to the beach with our kite (and lots of other necessities).  *This is pre-Hooptie, the bar around the kid seat. Notice the stirrups?  We pretend we’re riding a horse! 
Now THIS is camping.  (I’ll save the Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper for another post, we love that too!)
Umpqua Lighthouse near Reedsport, OR. (The campground has a beautiful trail around Lake Marie with beautiful rhodedendron in bloom.) 
Watch out for hoodlums!
Bike ride to the neighborhood snow cone shack.
The Strider is a great toddler balance bike.
See Ya!
Meet me at the bike rack after school.
Alice riding with her cousin Adam, she’s probably racing him.
Rolling through the hood.
Even dinosaurs ride bike! (that’s Ruby under there 🙂
Oh hi Bridgette, do you want to go for a ride?
Bell up front, bell in the back…gotta have a bell, for ringing.
Jared’s new (mountain bike) ride…a Norco (Made in Canada)
Alice taking it to the trails (Polecat Trail to be specific)
See you out there!

We love little bikes, we love big bikes.  So whatever the bike…ride on!


3 thoughts on “We Heart Bikes

  1. Jared Hopkins

    That’s a fun post. And I really do love bikes. It was fun to see that Alice finally made it out to the mtns for some mtn biking


  2. Janet Poteete

    My I learned a lot from this email. What fun all of you have. Family of the year, I’d say. Alice and her friends are so lucky. Loved the picture of the three in the family bike. Thank you Audrey.


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