For the Birds


It’s snowy now but while we were enjoying the last of the perfect fall weather, we harvested beautiful Ponderosa pinecones.  We even collected pinecones one dark and rainy night.  The pinecones closed up tight in the rain and remained closed until they dried and bloomed by the heat of the stove.  Alice knew from forest school that pinecones do that.

Alice and I found a recipe for suet (lard, peanut butter, corn meal, oat meal) and the whole family got to work making pinecone bird feeders.  There are schools of thought as to whether it’s good or bad to feed wild birds.  We’re of the mind that especially in winter, where it gets cold and snowy, birds appreciate foods rich in energy.  And we appreciate watching birds!


We felt like Santa’s little helpers as we crammed every nook with a high fat suet blend and covered every cone in calorie rich seed.  “The birds are going to LOVE these!” -Alice

It can take a little while for birds to discover your feeders so be patient, they will come.  You will be rewarded when they do.  Here are a few tips about feeding birds.

Pinecone bird feeders and Ponderosa pinecones

And so now…help us spread the word so all the little birdies of the Northwest and beyond can have a treat this winter.  We have pinecone bird feeders available in our ETSY shop!  They make a sweet gift for anyone who loves watching birds.  AND…a portion of every sale goes to support Roots Forest School’s yurt fundraiser.

If you’re in the McCall area during the weekend of December 9-10th, check out the first Roseberry Christmas Market!  Modeled after European open air markets, it should be magical…and Roots students will be selling ornaments they made!


A jolly good time!



2 thoughts on “For the Birds

  1. Janet Poteete

    Wish I were closer and could come to your first sale.    Thanks for the pictures.   Alice is such a big help and I am so glad you are home and can enjoy this time with her.   JB came today to help with some trimming I needed to have done.   Yeah. 


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