It’s Here!


It has been pushed out of the forecast for weeks and this morning, we woke up to SNOW!

What a welcome sight.  Beautiful, white flakes sprinkled down into the afternoon.  I don’t care if we don’t see the ground until spring.  Snow is so pretty and quiet, I love how it transforms the forest.  Let it snow…and snow…and snow.

Doc, Hoss, and Alice on a stump in the snow.

Hoss and Doc are here too!  They are being such good dogs and making themselves right at home.  Right now Hoss is snoozing in the teepee and Doc found himself an empty bed.  It sure is nice having them around.


Those rosy cheeks!

Give’r more of the white stuff!

Here’s to a warm and cozy Thanksgiving!  I’m sorry if it’s raining where you are (unless you love the rain, and in that case…let’r pour).



One thought on “It’s Here!

  1. Janet Poteete

    Loved the pictures Audrey.    We had rain this AM but stopped after we returned from church.    So nice to have all the leaves washed and it smells so good.  Suzanne Michael  were up for Thanksgiving as well as Matthew and a good Oxy/fellow football player Adam.   We all drove to Visalia to be with JB and his family as well as Pat Fisher, Kelly’s mom for the delicious feast and a beautiful table.   They are all safely home now.    Suzanne and Michael gave their four U SC football game tickets to Matthew and three of his friends.   They sat in the rain but said they had a wonderful time.   Happy snow days.    Looks like so much fun.    Love,   Gran Jan


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