She’s Crafty


Alice participated in the Student Craft and Food Fair at her school yesterday, featuring kids selling their kid make creations. This sort of event is right up this girl’s alley. She spent hours preparing for the sale making dog treats, pinecone bird feeders, and signs. All day she asked over and over about when the sale was going to start. Alice sold out of dog treats first followed by the bird feeders before the event was even over. She’s got big plans for her earnings and it should be a very Merry Christmas for Pearl!




The craft fair was a fun success and those kids were stoked! They proudly displayed their wares, making deals, and dropping prices. There were lots of cool kid crafted treasures. Slime was a popular product. We came home with goodies, a stocking for Pearl, earrings, and ornaments. It took some work but those students were full of pride at creating and vending their homemade wares. And of course there were moms, dads, grandparents and the like behind the scenes!


This girl is a true entrepreneur. She begs us on the daily to let her have sales in the driveway and has been bringing ‘Pet Watcher’ posters everywhere we go to spread the word out about her latest business plan. The lady at the movie rental place (yeah, don’t be jealous, McCall has one) even let her tape her poster prominently in the window next to McPaws, oh happy day.


But her enthusiasm is contagious and we’re all too happy to support it (within reason, let’s hope we don’t get a bunch of calls…or any).


Jared put together this video of Alice explaining how to make pinecone bird feeders so everyone can get in on the fun! I apologize in advance for the videographer skills, I’m sure I’ll have opportunities for more practice.

And if you’re interested in making your own dog treats, here’s the recipe we used from our trusty Ultimate Kid Connection book.



Alice and Pearl both approve these tasty treats!


7 thoughts on “She’s Crafty

  1. Janet Poteete

    Precious Alice.   You two are such hands on wonderful parents.   My kids were always after money, also.   Made perfume from rose petals, painted empty snail shells and rocks and off they’d go around the neighborhood.   JB the other day was recounting his sales on the school yard.   Twice he was called into the principal’s office and had to turn over his money and promise to not do that again.


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