Party of Three

Lordy, Lordy…


This milestone birthday called for a weekend long celebration and a party in the woods. Fishing, four-wheel, and cruising the backcountry on the Trail 90…the perfect way to celebrate our man and welcome fall.


Happy Birthday, we love you.




3 thoughts on “Party of Three

  1. Janet Poteete

    loved this birthday outing, pristine stream and three beautiful people.    Happy Birthday Jared.   Such a wonderful family you have.   You are all blessed to have each other.    I needed a book to read and pulled of the playroom shelf, Christy.   Perfect.   Talked about a young girl after 1 and a half years of college going into the Blue Ridge Mts. to teach in the backwoods.   No Tel bathrooms, electricity, shoes and on and on.   I felt sorry for myself teaching 42 to 44 4th graders.   Christy had 67 all grades in one classroom!!   Things can always be worse.   I told Colleen I was reading it and she said Oh yes, a wonderful book.   You made sure all of us read it.   Oh dear.  So far it has not rung a bell!!!!        Book club is today.   We will be discussing A Gentleman from Moscow.    A beautifully  written book.    Happy days to all of you special ones.   Love, Gran JanP.S.   I’ll not make it to the 100th Birthday Celebration at the Reunion this year.    I made a mistake.   Will miss seeing all of you so much.


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