Haven Hot Springs!

There’s a hot spring in the family!


An exciting new adventure is unfolding in the rugged hills along the South Fork Payette River. Lisa and Ray are the proud new owners of Haven Hot Springs in Lowman, Idaho.  The Chambers family is packing up and moving…to run a hot spring! And not just a hot spring, the property includes a cafe, one-pump gas station with garage, hotel rooms with private soaking tubs, RV spots, and a large, mineral rich, warm water pool.


not pictured: Seiji!





It’s sure to be quite the endeavor but this Idaho gem is pretty special and full of potential. Situated on a corner at milepost 76 on highway 21, Stanley and the Sawtooth’s are only  an hour up the way. It’s worth the time to check the place out.

Molly, Alice and I stayed a night to see if we could lend a hand. Molly measured the space and dispensed valuable tips. I popped up ‘ol Hawk Eye and set up camp. We fed and entertained cousins, rearranged the kitchen and snooped around the place. IMG_2776


babes in a booth


hummingbird viewing window

Lisa and Ray are plunging in and day by day they will add more character to this Idaho experience. It’s morel season in a burn zone and the summer promises to buzz in the path of the great American eclipse. Let their adventure begin!





7 thoughts on “Haven Hot Springs!

  1. Janet Poteete

    Wonderful Blog.   Always love to see the new pictures of Lisa and Ray’s adventure and of course the family.   Thank you .


      1. Molly

        ❤this is so awesome, you are so good at capturing the moments and your writing skills are top notch!👍📝✏️❤


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