The Great Backyard Bird Count


We are totally doing this!

Alice loves science, the outdoors, and our local bird population so what better time to introduce her to the idea of citizen science?  The Great Backyard Bird Count invites citizens to count birds for 15 minute increments (or more) from February 17-20th and submit observations to the GBBC website (they have an App too!).  You can count birds in as many places and as many days as you like.  There are instructions and bird guides available.

An article in the outdoor magazine Jared brought home from WA, OutThere Monthly, the Inland NW Guide to Outdoor Adventure, Travel, and the Outdoor Lifestyle (love it!), reminded me of the yearly bird count and I thought Alice might like to try it.

Her favorite show right now is Wild Kratts.  The Kratt brothers, Kris and Martin, are super excited about science and have been creating quality kids shows for years, like Zoboomafoo which aired back in 1999.  Do you remember that show?  Okay, well I do.  Probably because Molly was a nanny then and I’d hang with her and the kids some afternoons.

Hopefully the rain will let up long enough to observe some birds but we’ll give it a try either way.  There was a break in the rain today and the birds were out and about.  And we’ve actually had some glorious days with sunshine and springlike conditions.  Now, the rain is turning over to snow which is exactly what we want to see.

We’ll be tuning in from our window, right here in Idaho, like we always do, and this time it’ll be in the name of Science!






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