Pearl’s Our Girl


One week in and we’re down a seatbelt, a dog bed, and a few toys.

Still getting to know each other, we’re figuring out what life with an adopted dog is all about. Pearl is a sweet dog.  And she only wants to be near us every.single.minute. We’ve discovered she has some separation anxiety. So…we’re working on that.

Alice loves ‘ol…”What’s her name again?”  She takes her role as master, trainer, and crate mate seriously. And Pearl lets Alice lay all over her. I think she may have taken her out on purpose a time or two when she’s tearing around like a puppy.

But Pearl seems genuinely happy and so are we. What we’ve gained already outweighs the time and effort it takes to have a great dog.

She loves to nordic ski, and so do I! (who knew?)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Homemade treats, heart melting Valentine’s, and the most thoughtful packages created miles of smiles and one very happy little girl. We feel loved.

Jared took to Pintrest for inspiration and he and Alice left sticky notes with sweet messages all over the house. I love them.



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