Know the Code



It’s not like we sat them down and explained it, they just know they are part of something special.  A crew of friends dedicated to the cause, earning nicknames, sponsored by their parents, and stoked to shred together.


And it’s not always the same mix on the same weekend, but we have the lower lot dialed.  Cue up the radios, partner up and hit the lift, rack up some runs, then meet up for lunch.


Getting kids geared up for a day at the ski hill is no easy feat.  We give up our own turns to show our kids how to turn.  We teach them what it means to ride together and watch out for each other on and off the mountain.  They totally get it.  They are all on board (well, most of them are on boards…we also have a sit ski in the mix).

There’s something awesome about riding as a crew.  A feeling of trust, respect, camaraderie, and a shared love of nature.  And sometimes we ditch the kids for a little more…


It makes me happy to share the love of riding with this generation and happier that they love it too.




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