Firewood Run

Nez Perce National Forest (on a cool misty morning)

There’s a hint of fall in the morning air.  Smoke from the Pioneer fire occasionally drifts into town and the crickets start up in the evening.  Some people never experience waking up early, while it’s still cool, and driving into the mountains in search of dead trees to harvest.  Luckily we grew up collecting firewood and now Alice is too.  Granted, she spends most of the time in her tent watching movies and playing.  My sisters and I would have much preferred that to working when we were young.  I asked my parents many times if I could please go make cookies, anything to save me from hard labor.

Now I like it.  There’s something about the smell of the woods, the sound of chainsaws, and the feeling of satisfaction that comes with a load of wood.  And just like Henry Ford said, “Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.”  I hated that quote when I was a kid but you can bet I’ll be reciting it to Alice.



3 thoughts on “Firewood Run

  1. Janet Poteete

    Oh Audrey,   This is such a wonderful email.   How many logs did Alice haul today.   Maybe more next time.   Kind of fun maybe to keep a log book.


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