Bye-Bye Boise


This neighborhood served us well for many years.  We have been revisiting some of our favorite spots (and some new gems) with a new appreciation for this lovely city.  But the rising temperatures and forecast calling for 100+ degree temps this weekend has us running for the hills.  We are ready for the mountain life but will surely miss it here.



Boise has wonderful parks!  Veterans Memorial Park, in our neighborhood was passed by many times before Alice asked to visit.  She thought the playground was “AWESOME!” and we had fun playing tag in the trees.  We also love Camel’s Back Park and Julia Davis Park where you can see the giraffes from the outside of the zoo.  I must also mention Elm Grove Park, a favorite just blocks from our house where many a birthday party was held and where I conducted a study in college about squirrel foraging.  We definitely have go-to favorites for food and fun in Boise. 

To all our Boise friends and family, you will be missed.  We love you Boise.  Now grab up your cat Alice, we’re outta here!




2 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Boise

  1. Jared Hopkins

    It’s been a busy couple of months. I can’t tell you how excited I am starting our new adventure surrounded by the mountains. There’s so much to be missed but I know those things will be sustained. A student of mine gave me this quote which has been on my desk for the past couple of months, which has motivated to push through on.

    You’re off to great places!
    Today is your Day!
    Your mountain is waiting
    So…get on your way!
    Dr. Seuss


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