Four Wheel 4 Life

Disclaimer:  This post got a little out of hand.  There are just so many places we’ve taken our camper!  I started by keeping it to only pictures showing the camper but couldn’t resist adding a few extras from our travels. Enjoy.


We became the proud owners of a Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper three years ago this Memorial Day weekend!  We fall more in love with our Hawk with each and every outing.  It’s like being part of a club, we even keep track of other Four Wheels we see out on the open road.  The following is a sample of the places we’ve been since the Hawk joined our little family…

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We did a lot of research once we decided it was time for a camper.  We knew very little about campers and hadn’t even considered one until Alice came along.  Jared and I spent years happily tenting or sleeping in the back of the truck with our dogs.  Now we needed a traveling base camp which is exactly what the camper has become.  It serves as a picnic spot, playpen, kid hang-out, nap mobile, babysitting station, and cozy home away from home.

Snowbank Mountain, Idaho


Oregon Coast Tour


Brundage Mountain, Idaho

One main reason we thought we needed a camper was to continue to do the things we love outdoors as a family.  We can head to the ski hill, meet up with friends, and enjoy ourselves whether we’re snowboarding or not!


Burgdorf Hot Springs, Idaho and surrounding area


Trail Creek near Sun Valley, Idaho


British Columbia, Canada


McCall, Idaho

I’m starting to see a trend here.  Campers are fun year-round!

Lower Salmon River

The Four Wheel only makes it as far as the put-in and take-out but we’re glad to have it before and after river trips!

South Fork Boise River, Idaho

On this trip, we took the camper off the truck so we’d have a shuttle and a base camp.  The front of the camper works great for an outdoor kitchen, cocktail table, and gear set-up station.

California Tour (and lower Oregon Coast)

On this trip we just need to get to the DOLOP family reunion by a certain day.  The rest of the trip was fairly open with a general direction toward the California coast (Patrick’s Point, Gold Bluff Beach areas), up through Oregon and back home.  We ended up staying three nights at the Big Lagoon County Park near Agate Beach.  It ended up being a great spot even though we had hoped to camp on the beach at Gold Bluff beach.  Spots get reserved early!  Hint, hint.


Whether we’re on a road trip or in our front yard, we like having our camper as a backdrop to our lives.  The memories we’re making with it are immeasurable.





5 thoughts on “Four Wheel 4 Life

  1. kirstynmckay

    I reincarnation is real, I want to come back as your camper. What adventures and love.

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  2. Janet Poteete

    What wonderful times you have had.    Beautiful pictures and great memories.   Thanks for sending those nostalgic pictures.  Love to all.


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